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A classroom is a place where actual knowledge is shared.


A nice hall to represent your skills in an exibition.

A nice hall to represent your skills in an exibition.

A nice hall to represent your skills in an exhibition.

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The School is situated in its own grounds with access to the St. Thomas Orthodox Syrian Church.  The school building provides high quality accommodation to meet the needs of our age range.

The main school building is one storied, housing 10 well-ventilated classrooms.  Special facilities include: Administrator’s office, Office Staff cabins, Staff room, hall, art room, IT room, medical room, counsellor’s room, sports room, science lab and resource library. The first floor consists of  the Vice Principal’s office.

The landscaped ground offer facilities for recreation and play.

The well maintained school area is under CCTV surveillance.

The school promises to provide an exceptionally nurturing and stimulating environment for children and help them in the process of thinking, learning and emerging as confident citizens.

The school runs in 2 shifts, Preprimary and Primary in the morning and secondary in the afternoon.

Electronic learning resource (Next Education) is a supplementary aid in each classroom.

The bore well water supply ensures that there is regular water supply when there is water shortage, thus ensuring a tension free healthy life for students.

There are separate toilet blocks for boys and girls, and purified drinking water facilities.


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