Mrs. Roshni George


Mrs. Roshni George

Educational Qualification:

BSC Distinction

MA First Class

B.Ed First Class

Teaching Experience: 31 yrs as Teacher and 21 yrs as Principal

Heading St Thomas Public School, Khadki as the Principal for 15 years, she exhibited her calibre as an academician, organizer and disciplinarian. She not only set up the school but also brought in several reforms in the education method. At present she holds the administrator’s post, planning according to the needs of the school. She is also the Secretary of Arch Bishop Mar Theophilus Memorial Educational and Medical Foundation.

She assisted St. George Balikagram School, Dehu Road for its organization and administration for many years. She has been and is an advisor to several schools.

Mrs. Roshni George is now the Principal of Dr. Mar Theophilus School, she not only exhibits the academic characteristics required to benefit the students but her dedication, selfless efforts and interest taken in all activities inside and outside school has placed Dr. Mar Theophilus School in the top most position in this region.


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